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Kamis, 15 Juni 2017

My Speech

Kamis, 01 Juni 2017

Topic of speech "Know your job to help assembling K3 ( Health and safety ) in the Construction"

Assalamualaikum, wr wb

           Firstly, let us  give our thanks to God for by His grace today we can gather here in such a good condition. And to all people that I respect so much here, our lecturer, and all my beloved friends here. Today on this occasion I will try to deliver a speech with the theme “know your job to help assembling K3 in the construction”.

          We as a worker of course always want to work with a safe condition and doesn’t want to have an accident upon us. If we work without knowing what are we gonna to do, of course will bring bad things or accidents to us. And this happening because we don’t know what we should do when working.

          You surely have already hear about all the safety on the work here. And all of you also already aware about all the danger signs  which already put to help you prevent accidents  here. posters that  remind you to always use safety googles, safety hats and the other safety tools also have been set up. All the speechs about safety at the work place also have been held routinely.

Honestly, just what is the purpose of all of that things ?

All of that things being held to remind us that we should always careful at work. So that we don’t having an accident and don’t lose things that belong to us : arms, legs, eyes, fingers and also our life.

The first rule in safety is “KNOW YOUR JOB”

         No one can use a machine without learn it carefully first. You should know and learn the right way to use a tool. And if you already know and learned that, the possibility for us to have an accidents will become so little. You should also what u can do and what u cannot do with a tool, for an example :
1.       1. You cannot use crane for things that have weigh beyond the maximum uplifting force
2.      2.  You cannot use other things beside hammer to hit the nail

Use the right tool for the right job. The other things that u should also know is : what the danger that may happen in a job. For example, if you work with gerinda machine u should that your eyes should be protected, so use a safety googles so that ur eyes will be safe from all the things that can harm that.

If u know ur job rightfully. U will know what safety tools that suits you. Always careful in working and u surely will be safe at workplace.

Sabtu, 20 Mei 2017

My Future Business

     I want to open a futsal bussiness. I got this idea by seeing a lot of people interested to play this sport. And this business is also match my hobby as a futsal lover. Also i think this business will give me good earnings.

     I want to make a unique futsal court that     different from usual futsal courts nowadays. I will make 2 floors futsal court, and the ground will made from grass. By makinh it like this im sure that people will love my futsal court and play here.

     My futsal business place will consist of parking lot, toilets and a cafe. Parking lot for customers who using vehicle. Toilets is a must for a futsal place. And cafe for relaxing after playing. With this facilities im sure my place will be popular.

     And for the costs i will make sure that it wont be expensive. The cost for my futsal business will be Rp.65000 / hour. And thats it all my plans for my business. Thanks

Jumat, 19 Mei 2017

Task 4

1. Speech is a speaking activity in front of public or oration by someone , for declare/ repre sent on         opinion, idea, thought or over view about something that is cousrdered important and worthy               discussed.

2. The aspects in speech are :
    - Speaking  of whice better.
    - Greetings oponer
    - Oponer
    - The contents of the speech
    - Closing
    - Greetings closing

     Before delivering the speech, the much :
    - Choose the theme
    - Choose putpose of speech
    - Analyzt situation of the reader
    - Preape and collect the material
    - Arrange the part of speech

3. Topic of speech "Know your job to help assembling K3 ( Health and safety ) in the Construction"

Rabu, 10 Mei 2017

TUTORIAL : How To Steps to Running System Application and Product ( SAP ) 2000 Program

7 Effective Steps to Running SAP 2000 Program

For those of you who are studying SAP 2000 below we provide effective steps to run SAP 2000 program, so that you can get easier, focused and focused, step by step to operate sap2000, monggo just look at rasah kesuen ..

1. Determining the Structure Model
In determining the model SAP2000 already provides a variety of structural models, and we can also create their own models by first making a grid aids, in determining the structure model can be done by selecting the file-new menu, so that will display the image as below:

In the determination of this structure model can be done by using 2 ways
A. Create a structure model that is already available in SAP then select other than grid only and blank in the picture above left
B. Create your own structure model with the help of the grid then select the grid only or blank,  ignore the parameters in the image above right, directly press ok, then after that we have to edit the grid. How to edit the grid follow the following steps through the define menu - Coordinate System / Grid, then the dialog box will appear as below

• Select modify / show system, then the dialog box will appear as below

Fill in the grid parameters according to the structure model you want to create

2. Determining material and material value
• Define menu – material
Information :
Concrete (concrete): quality of longitudinal reinforcing steel (fy), concrete quality (fc), shear reinforcement, stirrups (fys)
Stell (Steel): Strong steel melting (fy), Ultimate Melting strength (Fu)

3. Define the profile (section)
• Menu - Define - Frame Sections

4. Put a profile on the element
• Click the element until a dash appears
• Asign menu - Frame - Section, then the image will appear below

5. Determine the existing load
• Define menu - Load Case

6. Load loads on elements
• for joint until the mark appears like light and then select Asign-joint loads -force menu                         
• for bars until the dashed sign (------)                                                                                                        
 appearsThe load on the rod can be a point-shaped, evenly-distributed, triangular, and trapezoidal shape, the way to make it is by selecting Menu assign - Frame / cable / tendon loads-point for the load point on the bar, Menu assign - Frame / cable / tendon loads- distribute For evenly distributed triangles as well as trapezoidal

7. Analysis
• Analysis menu - Set analysis option

• After that select Analize - run Analyze menu or simply by pressing F5

Jumat, 05 Mei 2017

Task 3

Three questions to answer.
1. Who is your favorite characters... and why did you chose her/him ?
2. What is the best scene in the movie and what does it taught you ?
3. Write 10 words that the characters in the movie spelled, along with their meaningT

1. My favorite character is Akeelah anderson, Because he is smart and always never give up, he thinks of his friend named Dyalan chou who always pressed by his parents to become champion. So I have been thinking about things for winning Dyalan.

2. When I know dylan who pressed his parents to win, if dyalan lost dyalan will be angered his parents. At the time of the final I have been deliberately unable to answer the spelling given to him.

3 The 10 word spelled.
   1. Grovel :Descand, Truckle, Abase oneself
   2. Doubt : Hesitation, Question,skepticism.
   3. Fanciful : Fantastic, Fantastical, Fancy
   4. Eminent : Famous, Famed, Noted.
   5. Alfresco : Outdoors, out-of-doors
   6. Placid : Quite, Calm, Tranquil, Serene
   7. Pastiche : Mixture, Mix , Blend
   8. Lboratory : Lab, A place to be smart.
   9. Fortification : Castle, Fortress,Fort
 10. Psalmody:  The singing of psalms or similar sacred canticles, especially in public worship.

Jumat, 14 April 2017

Ask an Expert

My name is Azhar Trilaksono im a student at faculty of technic of tanjungpura I will interview a meatball seller named Surono which located at a. djelani street, Mempawah city.
Me            : Good afternoon sir ?

Mr Surono: Good afternoon

Me            : Since when you sell this meatball ?

Mr Surono: I sell this food since 1991

Me            : If I may know, what ingridients this meatball made of ?

Mr Surono: From chicken meat,flour,onion, pepper etc

Me            : Why you use chicken meat for your meatball

Mr Surono: Because it make better profit, because chicken meat is cheaper than beef, and it taste                             better too

Me            : How much beef u need to make this meatball ?

Mr Surono: 10kg to 20 kg depend on customer request

Me            : Do you make this meatball by yourself ?

Mr Surono: Yes, because it tastes better if we make it by ourself. And I always do this work for my                        family too

Me            : Do your meatball always sells well ? how many kind of meatball you sell

Mr Surono: Depends on situation, sometimes it sells well sometimes its not.  I sell 3 kind of meatball.                     Apollo meatball, rudal meatball, urat meatball

Me            : How much profit u get a day

Mr Surono: Its not always same everyday, sometimes 75000 to 100000 and even sometimes I don’t                        get any profit

Me            : With that much profit u can feed your family ?

Mr Surono: Yes its enough

Me            : Why u sell meatball ? you didn’t have any other job ?

Mr Surono: Yes its because I was always helping my family selling meatball, and after that this                               become my job too

Me            : How much it is one portion of meatball you sell

Mr Surono: For rudal meatball its 20000, apolo meatball 16000 and urat meatball 13000

Me            : Thanks for your time sir, I hope u sell well

Mr Surono: Ya your welcome

And that’s my interview with sir surono