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Jumat, 14 April 2017

Ask an Expert

My name is Azhar Trilaksono im a student at faculty of technic of tanjungpura I will interview a meatball seller named Surono which located at a. djelani street, Mempawah city.
Me            : Good afternoon sir ?

Mr Surono: Good afternoon

Me            : Since when you sell this meatball ?

Mr Surono: I sell this food since 1991

Me            : If I may know, what ingridients this meatball made of ?

Mr Surono: From chicken meat,flour,onion, pepper etc

Me            : Why you use chicken meat for your meatball

Mr Surono: Because it make better profit, because chicken meat is cheaper than beef, and it taste                             better too

Me            : How much beef u need to make this meatball ?

Mr Surono: 10kg to 20 kg depend on customer request

Me            : Do you make this meatball by yourself ?

Mr Surono: Yes, because it tastes better if we make it by ourself. And I always do this work for my                        family too

Me            : Do your meatball always sells well ? how many kind of meatball you sell

Mr Surono: Depends on situation, sometimes it sells well sometimes its not.  I sell 3 kind of meatball.                     Apollo meatball, rudal meatball, urat meatball

Me            : How much profit u get a day

Mr Surono: Its not always same everyday, sometimes 75000 to 100000 and even sometimes I don’t                        get any profit

Me            : With that much profit u can feed your family ?

Mr Surono: Yes its enough

Me            : Why u sell meatball ? you didn’t have any other job ?

Mr Surono: Yes its because I was always helping my family selling meatball, and after that this                               become my job too

Me            : How much it is one portion of meatball you sell

Mr Surono: For rudal meatball its 20000, apolo meatball 16000 and urat meatball 13000

Me            : Thanks for your time sir, I hope u sell well

Mr Surono: Ya your welcome

And that’s my interview with sir surono

Planned a Robot

Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

I can't imagne life rancorous

         Of course, there are many occasions in life when someone does things that are so cruel and painful. It is a trace in us continue until we get older. But grudges instead of hurting people hated, but hurt ourselves.
         We attacked feeling irritated, angry, sad, and disappointed every time I see people who hate. Our minds are always designing revenge and diverse adverse scenario to see hated man suffered life. We fill ourselves with turbulent emotions, which makes us unable to eat, unable to sleep, unable to calm. We just filled with resentment smoldering.
Meanwhile, people who hated do not know anything. He may live a quiet and happy, laughing and slept soundly every night.
         Some people say, the sweetest revenge is when we are happy. And to be happy, we need to requite it. Believe that every action will get a reply, without us needing to judge her. Needless to forget, just forgive. Not for people who hated, but for our own sake.

Kamis, 16 Maret 2017

Task 1

1.        Critical Cartoons

A.    Warm Up

Work with a partner or in small groups. Discuss the questions below.

1.      How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours? List them.

Answer  :  We used at least 9 electronic devices, they are:

1)      Smartphone

2)      Television

3)      Laptop

4)      Rice cooker

5)      Fan

6)      Lamp

7)      Dispenser

8)      Air conditioner

9)      Projector

2.      What activities do robots do today? What other things would you like them to do?

Answer  :  For today, robots can washing clothes, cleaning house, with vacuum cleaner, help us printing our assignment. It would be great if robots could accompany us shopping and help us to carry our items.

3.      Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves? What? Why?

Answer  :  I think we should clean our home for ourselves, because if not do it by ourselves, we will be lazy people, and always need robot’s help in any work.

2.        Core Vocabulary

A.    Scanning and skimming

1.      Find and underline the keywords in the text. The first one is done for you. Try to guess their meanings.


In Line




to legally take another person’s child into your own family and take care of him or her as your own child



help, support



work, job, profession



computer program, password



hesitant, be wary, uncertain, anxious



exertion, attempt



power, energy



defied orders, be against, disagree with


9, 14



2, 8

dish out, present, cater

2.      Read the statements below. Which best summarizes the text? Circle A, B, or C.

Answer  :  B. In future, robots will help us in the home and might also be considered family members.

Rabu, 15 Maret 2017

My Skills

            My name is azhar trilaksono i was born in pontianak December 28 1994, i am the third son from 4 siblings. Nowadays i go to tanjungpura university in civil engineering course, i am at my 8th semester. When i was in elementary school, i go to SDN 43 Mempawah hilir, i once was a ceremony leader in the time. After graduate i continue my study to MTSN 1 Mempawah hilir. And after that i continue my highschool to SMA 1 Mempawah Hilir.
            My dream is to be a success consultant because being a consultant can give a solution about lot of construction problems which can be useful to design  building or other infrastructure. Besides being  consultant, my other dream is to be a veterinarian, because i love animals.
            What i can think abaout my good skill is in sports, especially in football and futsal, i played football since my elementary school, my favourite position is  as a striker, i love this position because i can score a lot of goals.

            Besides football, my other skill is in playing game, with playing games i can relieved my stress, game also can train my brain to becoming smarter. I love adventure genre games, one of my favourite adventure game is GTA. In GTA there is alot of mission which we have to finish, and it should make us use our brain so hard. Playing games also will makes us smart.

Kamis, 09 Maret 2017

Task 2

A. Reading Skills

1) A. I think in the future robots can help human for work and I think someday Robots can take me              toother planet.
    B. Robots can makeshuman to be long for work.

2) The Robots go to outer space to find out if on other planets there is life besides on earth.

B. Reading
     Paragraph 1 : Line into 5 up to 11
     Paragraph 2 : Line into 13 up to 15.
     Paragraph 3 : Line into 21 up to 24

C. Identifying topic and main idea.

 1) Which of the following best describes the topic of the text ?
      D. Computers in our lives
 2) Which of the following best describes the main idea of the text ?
      A. Robots will improve our lives in many ways.

E. Identifying oponions
      B. It is clear that we live happier and healtier lives , because of modern technology.

Going beyond the text :
- Singer             : can keep me entertained
- Police officer  : I think robots can be police officer in the future becaise, If Roboots to be police                                     officer the robots can save the world from criminal.
- Airline pilots  : I think robots can be airline pilots in the future because robots not feel tired when                                 long fiy.
- Cook               : I think robots can't be cooker in the future ,because robots can't feel a sensation of                               food
- Doctor            : I think robots can't br doctorbecause with the high technology robots can detection                              disiase
- Taxi driver      : I think robots can't be sleepy in a driver car.
- Store clerk      : I think robots can't be store clerk in the future because robots slow moreserve                                       customer
- Teacher           : I think robots can't be teacher ,because I don't agree with it. because a people more                               smart than robots.

Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

Why I continue my study university level

       To be able to go to University is of course everyone dreams. eventhough not everyone think so, higher  education of course make our future seems better and secured. Also for the parents, to have children that able to go to univeristy and got some degree of course is something precious to them.       
         The main reason for me to go to University is to raise my skill and cleverness so that someday i can be someone useful to my family and people around me. Besides to raise my skill, go to University also useful for me to get a job and earning for my future family.       
     I go to Faculty of Technic of Tanjungpura University on Civil Engineering course. I take Civil Engineering course because my dream is to be a Contractor or Consultant, and to be able to achieve my dream, i must learn and Study greatly and get a great score.      
        Besides to Study, i also join some Organization. For me join an Organization is some what useful, because there are something that u can get only by Studying  in classroom. And by joining an Organization i will  get a lot of Friends.and finally I believe joining an Organization will give me a Financial  and Guarantees when someday i go to the real world of work.